I am Lisa Dino, a multidisciplinary designer and artist currently based in Melbourne, Australia. My works display dreamy and ethereal visuals inspired by the colourful madness manifested in my own over-imaginative mind.

When I’m not glued to a pencil or computer screen drawing, you'll find me meticulously crafting wearable art that I design and hand sew myself. I enjoy doing all things creative whether it be painting or writing songs on a ukulele. I have a constant hunger for learning new ways in expressing myself creatively, so who knows what else you'll find me doing in the near future.

I work out of my home studio 'Utopia' where the real magic happens, in forms of colour spewing art and loud motivating music that my neighbours don't seem to care so much about. Thanks neighbours for letting me be! And thank YOU for visiting my website. Feel free to hit me up via email for any general or business enquiries.